WSC Podcast Review: Wildcat Morning Announcements

Wildcat Morning Announcements is a podcast hosted by Callie Hurley.

“Wildcat Morning Announcements” is a podcast hosted by Callie Hurley.

Ally Boyd, News Writer

“Wildcat Morning Announcements,” a podcast hosted by WSC student Callie Hurley, discusses various news and events that occur on campus and around the community.

Hurley has published three episodes of the “Wildcat Morning Announcements.” Hurley plans to do eight episodes in total. The Student Activities Board (SAB) events are frequently covered on Hurley’s podcast.

“I think a lot of people don’t really know about it and I think a lot of those events are some of the most fun events,” Hurley said.

Different events throughout the week are talked about on “Wildcat Morning Announcements.” She talks about various things such as Haven House, homecoming, and campus events. Episode one featured guests Alicia Dorcey and Nathan Reiland-Smith. Hurley discussed Happy and Healthy Hour with Dorcey and went over all the available resources to help students with both their physical and mental health. Hurley spoke with Reiland-Smith about the film premieres and talked about his roles in the productions “The Red String of Fate” and “The Adventures of Mara Jade: A Star Wars Story.”

In Hurley’s second episode, she focused on homecoming at WSC and the different events that occurred during that week. She spoke to Kailey Jensen and Katie Ryckman, who are from the Spirits and Traditions office with SAB. Hurley also discussed the Mike Zahs film presentation that was held at the Majestic theatre.

Episode three of “Wildcat Morning Announcements” features Elizabeth Barenberg, Brianna Parsons, and Zaynab Kouatli. They speak about upcoming events in SAB. This episode also features Maureen Carigg, who talks about Haven House and the different events that Haven House is hosting in the community and around campus.

According to Hurley, she spends hours editing this podcast and spends her weeks finding different people to be featured as guests.

“The podcast for me is just that more people can know about stuff going on around campus and the community,” Hurley said. “Even me, freshman year, I didn’t really know much going on around campus. And I would like to look at the posters but like I didn’t really know what they included and stuff like that, so I just think it is a good opportunity for everybody to know stuff going on around campus.”

The “Wildcat Morning Announcements” podcast can be found on Anchor and Spotify. There is also an Instagram page @wildcatmorningpodcast that provides updates on each episode. The podcast airs on 91.9 The Cat every other Monday at 10 a.m.