Opinion on the letter I got in the mail

Kaitlynn Breeden, Editor-in-Chief

I got a letter addressed to the Editor in Chief of the Wayne Stater, which would be me, and I can only view it as pointless. It just was an envelope addressed to me in the office and inside was a front to back sheet of paper claiming men should be the ones to choose what a woman decides to do with her pregnancy, which they already are, and it is the problem.

Part of the anonymous letter was a chart of male and female genitals saying something along the lines of, “You have no right to kill a baby I made. It’s MY choice.” I don’t remember the men for pro-life statements in exact wording, because I was trying not to soak too much of it in. I’m assuming this letter is coming in because two writers did a Man on the Street story about the Texas Heartbeat Act. Nowhere in the story did either writer give their own opinions, just asked other students about their stance on the act. So, was there a point of sending this letter? Because I’m not gonna walk around campus and tell other students what their opinions should be. That’s not the point of this publication.

I found the letter offensive, rude, and disgusting as I have an all-female staff working on my paper. Men on campus should and can keep their gross comments to YikYak, the app where you post your thoughts no one asked to hear. Let us just down vote you and move on. I can appreciate and participate in discussion about anything but sending intense and angry letters to others because you disagree is just weird. Either way my editors feel on the topic of abortion, I don’t appreciate random uncomfortable letters shaming us for publishing articles that discuss topics you are too defensive to talk about yourself, and letting others share their opinions on them as well.

Healthy discussion in which all participants can speak about the issues freely, understand them fully, and consider them honestly are vital to reaching educated solutions to problems happening around us. There is nothing wrong with the writers of the paper covering topics that are viewed as controversial. Having the ability to write about controversial topics fluently and without upsetting people with questionable wording is very difficult. It’s a writing skill that the students covering these articles are learning through this semester, and it will help them with writing in the future. If you are sensitive to a topic, there’s nothing forcing you to read a story that will upset you. If a headline about students sharing their opinions would get you going, just skip the page. You don’t have to read content you don’t agree with or don’t feel good about viewing. With that being said, the writers are going to continue writing about whatever topics they would like to. Whether or not everyone will agree, if they’re interested in a topic, I am probably going to let them cover it.