Mold in the WSC campus dorm halls

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Mold has been found in dorms and study rooms around campus dorm halls, and these WSC students give their opinions about how they feel about it.

Amber Nonotny, a junior at WSC, gives her opinion about the dorms and living conditions around campus.

“I think the Wayne State College dorms are okay. I didn’t mind living in them, but I didn’t think that they kept it as clean or updated as they should.” Nonotny said.

Lurye Baxa, a freshman at WSC, shares her appreciation and positive thoughts of WSC’s dorm halls.

“The dorms are nice! I live in Neihardt so there are fewer people than in other dorms which I enjoy, from what I have seen of other dorms, everything is well maintained, the sizes are too bad and it’s usually clean in the halls,” Baxa said.

Kimberly Sanchez, a sophomore at WSC, has been having medical issues caused from living in the dorms.

“Yes, I knew there was mold growing in the dorms and study rooms. I was excited to live on campus for the first time but sleeping in my dorm the second day caused me to have medical issues.” Sanchez said.

Not all dorm halls on campus have A/C and the lack of air conditioning is the main complaint students have with living on campus.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous that some dorms don’t have A/C, I understand the issues of cost and size, but at the same time students shouldn’t have to bundle up or blast fans in their dorms just to be comfortable,” Baxa said.

Nononyny agrees with Baxa’s point about not having A/C in every dorm hall, adding his own points.

“I am not a big fan on how some dorms have A/C and others don’t, I understand that the dorms are only hot for like three months, but I still think it should at least be an option to have A/C or not,” Nonoyny said. “For example: Berry Hall doesn’t have any A/C, but they could have the students choose if they would like one or not when they move in.”

Students living in Neihardt hall have found mushrooms and mold growing in study rooms and dorms.

“I did know about the mold in different dorms. In Neihardt we even had mushrooms growing out of the wall in our study room on the third floor,” Baxa said.

The growing mold in campus dorms is causing growing concern in parents and students who have filed complaints about the possibility of the mold causing health problems.

“I think the college is violating the health of student’s conditions by not having inspections for mold, and dust checks, I think this is the main thing they need to be worried about,” Sanchez said.

The mold isn’t known to all students on campus yet, as it has become an issue at the beginning of this semester.

“I honestly didn’t know there is mold growing in the study rooms and dorms on campus,” Novotny said. “I don’t like the fact that I didn’t know that. I think the school should be required to make sure all students know, even if they don’t currently live on campus. Personally, I wouldn’t feel safe anymore if I lived on campus. I would also like to know where it is at so I could try and avoid any places that might have any mold within them.”

Students have mentioned the mold to their RA’s and nothing has been done yet to clear up the fungus.

“The mold is most likely caused by the filters in the A/C’s being old and there was some water damage in the walls as well,” Baxa said. “There have been so many complaints in Neihardt about mold being in our A/C and there hasn’t really been any attempt to fix it.”

Baxa wishes WSC had better communication with students on fixing problems in dorms and other buildings on campus.

“I think Wayne does care about our living condition and our safety; however, they aren’t doing the greatest job of showing it,” Baxa said. “If all these people are complaining about mold and literal mushrooms growing out of the walls, there should’ve been fixed when school started.”

Berry hall has multiple amenities that need to be improved to keep up with the incoming freshmen.

“I think Berry Hall is the building that needs the most updating. Dorms set the tone for the school year, and how your experience is going to be living on campus,” Novotny said. “Freshmen are mainly placed in Bowen or Berry, so I think they should update Berry because that’s where the majority of new students are going to be living.”

According to Novotny, what needs to be upgraded on campus is the bathrooms and showers in dorm halls.

“Five things I think Wayne needs to update in the dorms are updating the bathrooms especially the showers, updating the rooms, the sink areas in the dorms if they have any, and updating carpet/titles in the rooms and within the dorms,” Novotny said.

The mold only known to some students dealing with it in their dorm halls, should be something that is known to all.

“I think everyone should report it to the college because that amount of mold and dust in the dorms and study rooms is dangerous,” Sanchez said.