Greek Olympics

MJ Waterhouse, News Writing

The Wayne State College Greek Olympics were held on Oct. 2 in the Willow Bowl. The long-standing tradition of these games in Greek life has always been a student and alumni homecoming favorite. Watching friends compete in ridiculous challenges and getting to cheer on the different Greek chapters like they are actual Olympic teams is an undeniable good time in the making.

The teams were introduced, and the games got started at 5 p.m. The chapters competing were Theta Phi Alpha, Zeta Tau Omega, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. The two sororities had the advantage of more people involved in their organizations. The fraternity had a smaller selection of players, but they had high spirits all the way through.

“It is tradition that we practice the events of the Olympics the day before the contest and the song and dance a week before,” Colby Salava, member of Tau Kappa Epsilon said.

Tug of war was one of the first competitions of the day. When the sororities faced off against each other there were parents cheering from the stands, and students cheering for their friends. Theta Phi ended up winning the tug of war Theta Phi vs. Zeta face off.

Later, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) faced off against the Theta Phis. Four TKE members went up to face the five Theta Phis waiting for them at the rope. The number of players being uneven gave the girls a fair chance against the boys, and with the fair chance Theta Phis managed to defeat the fraternity in tug of war.

The next event was the pyramid challenge. Ten representatives were sent up to the main stage part of the Willow Bowl. They climbed on each other’s backs to make a pyramid, like cheerleaders. Theta Phi successfully completed the challenge with ease. TKE completed their pyramid. Then, with a slight stumble at the beginning, Zeta Tau Omega was successful as well.

One of the events was a relay with a twist. One portion of the relay was a puzzle, and this proved to be the hardest part of the entire Olympics. Each Greek Life chapter had two representatives up at the three-dimensional puzzle. It seemed to go on forever, until Zeta pulled through and was able to move on to the next part of the relay.

Zeta completed another challenge before TKE, or Theta Phis were able to complete the puzzle. The Theta Phis finished their puzzle before the TKEs and moved on. After TKE was able to successfully complete the puzzle, they moved on as well.

“I have some friends involved in Greek Life, so I wanted to come support them. This is my second time going to the Greek Olympics and I would say it is the most entertaining homecoming even,” Anthony Getzfred said.

It is easy to tell when a homecoming event was a success when everyone left the Willow Bowl buzzing about what they just watched and congratulating their friends on another great year of the Greek Olympics.