Dr. Becky Zavada discusses relation between visual arts and literature


Hannah French, News Writer

Dr. Becky Zavada, a professor at Wayne State College, spoke on Sept. 23 at a visual arts gallery in the library discussing the relation between visual arts and literature.

Zavada’s main approach of the night was to have the audience think about what arts and literature have in common. The purpose and meaning of art and compare that with the meaning and purpose of literature and what role the author played.

At the event, around six to seven people attended. Luke Severson was supposed to be at the event to talk but because of covid decided not to attend the event. In the gallery showing was all of Luke Severson’s art work that he has created. His art work is no longer there, but you can find pictures of the art work by contacting Andy Haslit.

This event is only one of the many showings they are going to have. “I thought this was a fun event, it gives opportunities for collaboration between different departments on campus” Zavada said.

Zavada teaches language, literature, philosophy, and English at Wayne State College currently. She enjoys all types of arts and finds it interesting how art intersects with literature. “I would consider myself a generalist, I could talk to anyone about anything” Zavada said.