Lambda Pi Eta spreads kindness

Jessica Palmillas, News Writer

Lambda Pi Eta, the communications honors society at Wayne State College, will be spreading kind words to students as midterms approach.
The “Say Something Nice” campaign will take place outside of the Humanities building on Wednesday, Sept. 29, according to Brianna Parsons, the President of Lambda Pi Eta.
“We stand outside of the Humanities department and bring awareness through a bullhorn,” Parsons said. “It’s just a really cool event, especially during midterms and finals, to give encouraging messages to people.”
Rain or shine, the event occurs during the ten-minute passing periods.
“It doesn’t matter the weather, we’re still going to do it to spread positive messages to people,” Parsons said.
The activity will take place from noon to 1 p.m. when most students are walking to and from classes, Parsons said.

“The members usually just shout random compliments to people. It’s a quick thing,” Parsons said.
The short event typically happens twice a year, once during the fall and another in the spring, Gio Ramirez, an active member of Lambda Pi Eta, said. Ramirez, now a senior at WSC, was a freshman when he first heard compliments being shouted to students across the campus.
“They were just yelling at people across the campus, and I saw how it brightened people’s day,” Ramirez said. Now, he participates in the bi-annual event.
“My experience with the campaign is the difference that the campaign can make,” Ramirez said. “It doesn’t seem like a lot but it really makes a difference.”
Not only do the students being complimented feel good about themselves, but the members feel good too, Ramirez said, “Be okay with giving compliments and owning up to who you are.”
This will be the tenth-year members spread positivity through their “Say Something Nice” campaign. It started because the members wanted to do something nice, according to Parsons. In the past, the organization has handed out buttons during the campaign and hosts similar activities throughout the school year.
“We place random nice sticky notes on campus,” Parsons said. “I really love that we do it because it’s a great thing to do for the students.”
The honors society has been active for 21 years, former members will be reuniting with the active members to celebrate their 20th anniversary this Friday for homecoming. According to Parsons, the group was affected by the pandemic during their last anniversary, according to Parsons.
“Just always be kind to people, regardless of how you’re feeling,” Parsons said. “You never know what they’re going through.”