Festival of Lights


Kaylee Bond

Students enjoy fellowship in the Willow Bowl ahead of the Festival of Lights.

Jennifer Castillo, News Writer

Wayne State College students participated in an outdoor movie event, Festival of Lights, where they watched Tangled and release lanterns in the Willow Bowl. The student activities board organized a Tangled themed event where students released lanterns and watched the movie.

The Festival of Lights was organized by two members of the board, Brianna Parsons and Regan Ott.

“Definitely a team effort and with the rest of the executive board we were able to set it up,” Ott said. They had 60 people show up to enjoy the festival.

Ott said the festival was a success despite having a few difficulties along the way.

“We weren’t able to procure a movie screen, we had some technical difficulties last night as we were starting to play the movie. We kind of were like trying to remain calm throughout the entire thing,” Ott said.

The board members ended up building their own projector screen and renting a projector from the IRC. Parsons and Ott originally wanted fire lanterns but deciding not to because of the risk of fire.

“If one of them crash in a cornfield…we didn’t need to burn a cornfield,” said Ott.

SAB consists of students who plan and administer co-curricular activities throughout the school year. Ott’s job on the Student Activities Board is member recruitment and retention.

“I try and get as many people as possible to come to our meeting, so we know what exactly it is the students on campus are wanting,” said Ott.

The SAB wants to create friendships and relationships through their activities. “SAB is here for the school to bring events and bring a lot of joy on campus and even bring together certain sects and communities within campus that may not see each other on a normal day-to-day basis,” Ott said.

The Festival of Lights was a success and members of the board hope to have another outdoor movie in the near future.

“The event was really successful,” Ott said. “I’m glad we gad the amount of people come out that we did and all the help we had from Chartwell’s for providing the food and just the flexibility of everybody else on the board.”