Student Film Review

Mark Albers, News Writer

“Connor and Annie” was one of the movies shown by the students and faculty at Wayne State College in ley theater on Sept.14. The WSC film program held a showing to show of the recent work from over the last few semesters and give recognition to films that are succeeding at festivals around the Midwest.

“Connor and Annie” is a student film written, directed and produced by WSC students. It was filmed and edited during the spring semester of the 2021 school year.

“I really enjoyed working on this one, it really felt like it was a project I could really be proud of,” sophomore writer and director Blake Bodlak said. “One of our goals was to make the project feel like something that every member of the team could get into.”

The film has already been recognized at the Interrobang Film Festival in Des Moines, the Iowa Independent Film Festival, and the South Dakota Film Festival. “Connor and Annie” also received the Best Student Narrative award at the South Dakota Film Festival, adding to the already prestigious recognition of getting into the festival.

The film features two close friends that fall out of touch when Connor, loses his father and experiencing heavy grief and cuts out his friends. After a few months Annie, Connor’s best friend, calls him and forces him to visit at her Halloween party. The following events have the two face their grief and reclaim their lost relationship as they come to terms with what separated them in the first place.

With a crew of only five people and a handful of actors the film’s simplicity really shines through. The audience is able to clearly enjoy the atmosphere of the film’s great world-building as well as connect to the characters through the stellar writing. Avid movie enthusiast Sherry Bondurant was thrilled by her experience.

“I love how I felt so connected to the characters, the story felt like something anyone can relate to,” Bondurant said.

The film was a great little story that does a great job connecting to the audience and shining through with its great acting and writing.