New assistant professor for arts and design

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Autumn McIntyre, News Writer

Beatriz Rodriguez, WSC’s newest assistant professor for Art and Design, has an undeniable love for printmaking and art in general.

Originally from Cuba, Rodriguez moved to Miami, Florida when she was 12. She would eventually attend Florida International University, where her passion for printmaking began. Rodriguez needed art credit for school, and printmaking was the only open class. She said that she was not excited for the class and had no idea what printmaking even was. As the class progressed, she found her favorite process for printmaking and fell in love. “It marries drawing and sculpting into one process,” Rodriguez said.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude in fine arts from Florida International University. Rodriguez then went on to receive her Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from the University of Miami.

Teaching was not always the goal for her. “I didn’t plan to teach art. I wanted to study art,” Rodriguez said. However, Rodriguez said that working with students is rewarding, and they are always making new and exciting discoveries with different mediums. She wants her students to feel more grown and capable as artists. “I want my drawing students to see a growth in themselves that they are proud of,” Rodriguez said. “I want my printmaking students to fall in love with the medium like I did.”

Rodriguez worked with renowned artist, Mira Lehr, and was greatly influenced by her time with her. “The school setting is kind of a bubble. I really got a sense of the art world, and how much time you have to spend marketing yourself. It’s important for students to get their work out there and always present themselves as professionals,” Rodriguez said. “I would recommend to any student to do an internship to get an idea of their field. The idea is to learn.”

Along with working with other artists, Rodriguez said that being a professor at Wayne has been one of her biggest accomplishments so far, and she’s not the only one excited for her future at WSC. Dr. Yasuko Toaka, Dean of Arts and Humanities, is thrilled to have Rodriguez as the new printmaking specialist. “Her work, which is both technically and conceptually sophisticated, tells a rich narrative about identity and belonging, and all of it executed with incredible precision. I’m excited for her to share her experience and talents with our students and community,” Toaka said.

Rodriguez is still early in her career and continues to grow. “As an artist, I want to get my work out there and travel the world. As a professor, I want to take my students on this journey with me,” Rodriguez said. Besides teaching printmaking and drawing, Rodriguez has also had her work showcased around the United States. Her artwork can be viewed online at