Claussens awarded block grant

Amanda Krehbiel, Staff Writer

WSC graduate Jennifer Claussen and her husband Chad have applied for a Community Development Block Grant Fund in the amount of $52,500 to purchase Swan’s Apparel. Swan’s Apparel is located in downtown Wayne and almost 100 years old.

“[It’s] such an important part of Wayne’s history,” Jennifer Claussen told the Wayne city council members Tuesday night.

“I can’t think of anybody who would do a better job with the store. You’re the logical person that would make that go,” council member Kaki Ley told Claussen.

Lukas Rix, owner of Rustic Treasures, stated that he would “like to have Jen as a neighbor.”

The Claussens received the grant.

Tim Reinke, an EMT and ex-firefigher, was accepted to the volunteer fire department with resounding support. When asked whether the fire department had voted in support of Reinke’s admission, Fire Chief Phil Monahan gave an affirmative “yes.”

High school junior Drew Davie is now in the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department Cadet Program.