Morey Hall starts a TikTok account to build a sense of community


Reagan Connelly, Digital/Newsletter Assistant

TikTok is a social media app that has taken the younger generation by storm. Recently the resident assistants of Morey Hall decided to take advantage of this fad by making an account for the residence hall called @mhall402.
Although no one can really remember who first proposed the idea, RA Alexis Wilch said they were inspired by some RA TikToks they had been shown during training. “We thought it was a way to connect with other RAs and some residents,” Wilch said.
“I think what inspired the TikTok is us referencing TikToks to each other and seeing other RA’s at other colleges making TikToks about their jobs,” another residence assistant, Hannah Urban, added.
Wilch also said the idea was to show that while RAs are authority figures, they are still regular students like their residents. “The goal was… basically to show (our residents) we are quirky and fun,” Wilch said.
Urban added it was a way to bond with the residents and develop a sense of community among the residents.
The group has made two videos so far and is in the process of making a third. The first video was made on March 29 and features one of the resident’s signature moves.
“One third-floor resident has a signature move she does when she is surprised,” said Wilch. So the group made a TikTok in which the residents perform this move. The resident who inspired the video later made a duet with the original video on her own account.
“The account doesn’t really follow a theme,” Urban said. Instead, the students make videos about anything they think is funny.
According to Wilch, while only Morey Hall residents and resident assistants are involved in it, anyone can become involved by contacting one of the RAs. Anyone is welcome to follow the account as well.
Both Urban and Wilch agreed that the best part of the project is having fun with their residents and getting to know them better. “It really makes us get closer,” Urban said.
With school drawing to a close, some questions have come up about what will happen with the account over the summer and in the upcoming school year. “The TikTok is on Alexis’ phone and so I think where she will be next year is what the TikTok will become,” Urban said.
“I’m the one who runs it, so I’ll be in Wayne sometimes,” Wilch said. “Maybe from there, I can do something. It might be something for RA training for it to really be a thing again in the fall.”