Sushi swimming into Wayne


Pac ‘N’ Save offers a wide variety of sushi options. PHOTO BY ZAYNAB KOUATLI

Zaynab Kouatli, Staff Writer

Pac ‘N’ Save began offering sushi Feb. 26, according to store manager, Adam Endicott. “It has had a really good take off,” Endicott said. “In the state of Nebraska, we are the number one retailer for sushi.”
“There are different varieties of sushi put out each day,” he said. “There are 15 or more different kinds between raw and uncooked.”
The sushi offered at Pac ‘N’ Save includes but is not limited to salmon roll, tuna roll, shrimp roll, Hawaiian roll, volcano roll, rainbow roll, crispy roll, sushi jumbo combo, dragon roll, shrimp tempura crunch roll, and shrimp tempura.
The packages of sushi are color coded: yellow meaning cooked and red meaning raw. There is also a spicy and regular option for each kind of sushi. The prices of this sushi range from $7-$13.
Additionally, Pac ‘N’ Save offers sushi platters. The $35.99 vegetable combo platter includes 60 pieces sushi including the vegetable roll, cucumber and cado roll, salad roll, small cado roll, small carrot roll and small cucumber roll.
The $49.99 mixed sushi platter includes 60 pieces of Nigiri sushi, salmon roll, tuna roll, creamy roll, shrimp roll and California roll.
The $59.99 spicy combo platter includes 60 pieces of Nigiri sushi, spicy salmon roll, spicy tuna roll, spicy shrimp roll and spicy crab roll. The $65.99 Nigiri Combo platter included 62 pieces of tuna Nigiri, salmon Nigiri, shrimp Nigiri, Unagi Nigiri and yellowtail Nigiri.
The $79.99 special F.F sushi platter includes 70 pieces of Nigiri sushi, shrimp tempura, dragon roll, rainbow roll, crispy roll and tiny roll. Custom platters are also available upon request.
“The food gets shipped out from New York and there are professional chefs from Texas who create the sushi,” Endicott said.
“I do recommend getting Pac ‘N’ Save sushi,” WSC student Elana Renner said. “It is made fresh, and you can see the chefs making the sushi. You can tell it is good quality fish. It was overall really yummy and a good experience.”
“It is a good offering for students,” Endicott said. “A lot of Wayne’s students come from larger cities that probably have sushi available.
“Now they can have that here in Wayne. There is nothing like it in our town which is a nice alternative for what we currently have for quick food options.
“We sat down as a store when the opportunity for sushi was presented to us,” he said. “We thought it would be a good fit for the community and that was driven from the student population. It is something younger kids are attracted — to sushi and fresh food. We thought it would be a good partnership with the college.”