WSC on the look out for sexual predators

Zaynab Kouatli, Staff Writer

Wayne State College first became aware of a registered sex offender, Colton James Broer, in the perimeter of the college and Wayne High School on Jan. 13, according to David McMahan, dean of students at WSC.
Shortly after that, the sex offender drove his rusty pickup truck on campus and had students, especially females, sign his vehicle.
McMahan said Wayne State is an open campus. “He could have been on campus prior to our awareness,” McMahan said.
Images of Broer and his vehicle flooded the social media of Wayne State students.
College personnel contacted Broer and discussed his purpose for being on campus, according to McMahan.
McMahan said in these situations, it is important to have awareness and communicate with anyone who comes forward and says they have a concern. Also, the college must first investigate that concern and find out if there is anything to “give us cause to take further action,” he said. “So, if someone were to report that this young man did something that violates our policies or state law, we would be allowed to do something called a no trespass order,” McMahan said. “It would also allow us to arrest the individual – period. We have not received any reports that he has committed any violations.”
McMahan said campus safety is extremely important to him. “I am responsible for campus security and the campus safety team, for responding to emergency and crisis,” he said. “The number one thing we are worried about is the safety of all our faculty, staff, students and guests.”
According to the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry, there are four registered sex offenders in Wayne County.
“We recommend to anybody to be aware of their surroundings at all times, travel with somebody, call campus security if you ever feel insecure so they can escort you to your residence or designated building,” McMahan said. “Your gut sense is something intrinsically part of you and you should observe what your feelings are. If you are feeling unsafe then do what is necessary to change that.”