10 under $10 for your car

Elizabeth Hjelm, Staff Writer

As crazy as 2020 was, I think it is even crazier that we are halfway through January of 2021. Crazier yet, it feels as though winter has just begun. Many people think of winter as starting in the beginning of December, but December was anything but winter. Due to the recent snowfall, I have compiled a list of 10 items under $10, from Target, that you MUST have in your car this winter.  

1. An ice scraper and snow brush This one may seem quite obvious, but I will be the first to admit that I have forgotten an ice scraper so many times! According to Business Insider, “A snow and ice scraper is easily the most used tool for drivers during the winter. Keeping one handy will allow you to efficiently clear off your windows and lights before driving.” And its only $7.29 at Target.  

2. A blanket If you are like me, you have so many extra throw blankets on your bed that you could easily leave one for your car, but why not get a nice Sherpa blanket for $8.50? Business Insider again said, “In the event that you do have to tough it out inside your car for a few hours or even overnight, you’re going to need a blanket to stay warm. You don’t need a full comforter set, but a fleece blanket provides warmth and won’t take up too much trunk space.” 

3. Extra hat and set of gloves Again, this may seem like something every person in the Midwest knows, but it is also easy to forget on the table on the way out the door. At Target, a hat costs $5 and gloves cost $3, for a total of $8.  

4. A phone charger It would be rather unfortunate to get stuck in the snow with your phone at 5%, so grab a $7.99 charging cable to avoid this situation. 

5 and 6. Snacks and bottles of water Depending on the weather, help could take a while to arrive. This means having water and nonperishable foods are needed to keep energy and hydration levels up. The Zebra said, “Granola bars, nuts, crackers, dried fruit, and jerky are a few examples of snacks you can keep on hand in case you get stranded. Like the water, you should replace these every few months or sooner so they don’t expire.” Granola bars can be found at Target for $1.49. A case of Nestle water is $3.99. 

7. Jumper cables When help arrives, the car battery could be dead, which means jumper cables will be needed to restart the car. Business Insider also said, “A dead battery is one of the most common car issues, so jumper cables are a must-have. Whether you accidentally left your lights on or cold weather drained your battery, this will bring your car back to life.” Although these are a little over budget, at $12.99, they are an absolute MUST HAVE this winter. 

8. An extra mask No matter where you go, most businesses require a mask upon entry to their building. Students at WSC have received multiple free WSC masks, otherwise a two-pack at Target costs $4.  

9. Hand sanitizer Whether its flu season or the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer is a great way to help yourself take precautionary measures to not get sick this winter. It is a steal at Target for only $0.99. 

10. Sunglasses Now, this may sound ridiculous, but snow can be very bright and reflective, making the road difficult to see. Be careful and wear sunglasses in order to stay on the road this winter… not at night, of course. Sunglasses are as low as $10 at Target.  

Buying these ten musthaves will cost just over $65, but that is only if you need to buy one of everything on the list. Most of these things can be found right at home, or even in your dorm. The closest Target is in Norfolk, just 34 miles away. Other shopping options can be found here in Wayne, such as Dollar General.