SAB kicks off Valentine’s Day with special events

Laura Spieler, Staff Writer

The Student Activities Board at Wayne State College planned some safe and COVID-friendly events for students to enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

The two Valentine’s Day events SAB has planned for this year are a Newlywed Game and Book-Lover Bingo. Both events will happen around Valentine’s Day and include many prizes.  

Kailey Jensen, one of SAB’s event programmers, was the main programmer for the Newlywed Game SAB is hosting on Thursday, Feb 11. Jensen said couples will use whiteboards to answer questions about each other to see which couple knows each other best. The three highest-scoring couples of the night will win prizes like matching mugs, chocolate, a blanket, and movies.  

Jensen said that she has seen the Newlywed Game played a couple times before and thought it would be a really fun event to bring to campus for Valentine’s Day. 

If students want to participate in the Newlywed Game, they can sign up to see who knows who best with their sweetheart outside of the SAB office.  

SAB also planned a Book-Lover Bingo event for Wednesday, Feb 17. Brianna Parsons, another one of SAB’s event programmers, came up with this idea with her friend Jessica Palmillas, the Media Relations Coordinator for SAB. They both love books and thought it would be a fun event to bring to campus.  

Parsons described Book-Lover Bingo as an event “for people who love reading and books.” There will be a chance for players to win “book-related prizes” as well, says Parsons. Students even have the opportunity to win a Kindle, the top prize of the night.   

Masks are required at both of the Valentine’s Day events. Email [email protected] for any questions or concerns about either of the events.