Student Senate president and vice president applications now live

Aubreanna Miller, Staff Writer

The Student Senate is now holding an election for the 2021-2022 Student Senate President and vice president.

Applications will be open on Monday, Feb. 1st, and must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities by 5 p.m. on Feb. 12th.


  • President & Vice President must run on the same ballot.
  • Completed at least 15 credit hours at Wayne State at the beginning of their term of office.
  • Enrolled in 9 hours or more.
  • Cumulative grade point average is 3.0 or above.
  • Must not be on disciplinary probation.
  • Must attend at least two StudentSenate meetings prior to Feb. 15.


  • Networking with other professionals on campus
  • Great resume builder
  • Responsible for a budget worth more than half a million dollars!
  • President receives a $1,000 tuition waiver*
  • Vice President receives a $750 tuition waiver*

*Amount awarded only up to full tuition status.

“A Student Senate President must be an individual who possesses an exceptional amount of integrity and work ethic,” President Adam Smith said. They must be able to put personal agendas and desires aside for the betterment of the student body, be willing to reach across the aisle to make progress and must be receptive to new ideas and projects.

Smith said that finding balance is the most important challenge to conquer while accepting this role.

To anyone who is running or considering a run of the office, Smith advised you, “Have an open mind and an open heart.” There are two sides of leadership. On the one side, you have all the people that are supportive and open-minded and are open to hearing both sides of an argument.

“On the other side, you have those who will critique every decision you make because that is just how it works.” Smith said. “There are more people rooting for you than there are against you.”

Voting begins Feb. 15th and ends on Feb. 19th. The Senate represents the student population, and it wants to hear your grievances or new ideas to make Wayne State College a greater place to learn. Everyone should consider attending a meeting to gain a greater understanding of the happenings here on campus.