Drake and Josh: Where are they now?

Kaitlynn Breeden, Associate Editor

“Drake and Josh” premiered on Nickelodeon in 2004 and was one of the most popular shows for kids in the 2000s. Stars of the show Drake Bell, Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove have all taken completely different career paths.

Bell has released five albums since 2005 and has taken a completely turn since. In Aug. of 2020, Bell’s ex-girlfriend of ten years, Melissa Lingafelt, made a series of TikTok’s sharing her story of being a victim of verbal and physical abuse. Since the allegation was shared, Bell has changed his last name to “Campana,” which is literally just “bell” in Spanish. Some Twitter users think Campana changing his last name was a way to rebrand following the abuse allegations. With changing his last name, he now only tweets in Spanish and has moved to Mexico to be a Spanish pop artist.

I personally think that Peck is doing the best in comparison to his co-stars. Peck and his wife, Paige, had their first child named Max Milo in January of 2019. Peck is a father but also a Youtuber with over 3 million subscribers. He posts food challenge videos, vlogs with his friends and he also has a podcast. Josh joined David Dobrik’s friend group, the vlog squad, four years ago. They star in each other’s videos and Josh even surprised David with Drake for a video in 2018. Josh even presented Dobrik his first Kid’s Choice Award at the award show in 2019. Miranda has also made an appearance in David’s vlogs, but Josh is the only one who stuck around in the friend group.

In 2012 Cosgrove was the highest paid child actress, stated by Guinness World Records. At the end of iCarly she decided to go to college at the University of Southern California. Since graduating from USC, she starred in the “Despicable Me” franchise as Margo. During Dec. of 2020, it was announced that iCarly is making a comeback with a reboot of the show premiering on Paramount+.

Cosgrove is also fairly normal, the weirdest thing situation she’s been in is a one-sided love with Lil Pump. Lil Pump sparked rumors in 2018 that he had a child with Cosgrove. He posted a photo of a child with the caption: “Just had a 1-year old daughter wit iCarly.” It has been confirmed that Cosgrove is not the mother of his kid, he’s just weird. He convinced his fans that Cosgrove is the love of his life, and even made a cake with her face on it.

He posted a photo of the cake with the caption “ICARLY I’M TRYNA **** so I made u a cake ESSKEETIT.” Lil Tay, a nine-year-old self-proclaimed Instagram coke dealer, is a big fan of Lil Pump. Seizing the opportunity, Lil Tay briefly changed her Instagram bio to add that she was managed by Cosgrove, which obviously wasn’t true. Lil Pump has tweeted a lot of weird things about Cosgrove, but I think she’s the victim in this situation. I don’t assume she really wanted anything to do with him or Lil Tay.

So, to recap what we’ve learned, Campana left the country after abuse allegations and is now a Spanish pop star, Peck is doing great, and Cosgrove is also doing well, despite being harassed by Lil Pump.