Professor profile: Sam Crowley

Noah Schlekeway, Staff Writer

Wayne State College welcomes new chemistry professor, Sam Crowley, to the science department this year.  

Crowley completed his undergraduate degree at Missouri Western State in St. Joseph, Missouri where he majored in chemistry. He completed his graduate school at the University of Iowa before he did his post doctorate research in Tokyo, Japan. 

 “I was in Japan for four years doing research on spinal cord surgery on mice,” Crowley said 

Crowley spent the last year working at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where he was a fill in professor for another professor who was absent for the year. Crowley taught organic chemistry.  

“After that position ended in May, it was a little hard with COVID-19 because there wasn’t a lot of jobs open,” Crowley said. “I was basically trying to apply everywhere I could so that I could get a job. That is where I found Wayne State.” 

Crowley had been looking for a position at a smaller institution for a while before a position opened at Wayne State this past year.  

“I grew up in a smaller town and went to a smaller college, so I was looking for something about the size of Wayne because that is what I am comfortable with,” Crowley said. “I might be able to give some students the same opportunities that I have had and been able to accomplish in my career.”  

At Wayne State, Crowley teaches biochemistry one and two, introduction to organic chemistry and a physical science course. 

 “When I was in school I just kind of fell in love with science because I always excelled at these classes,” Crowley said. I also just took every single science class that there was to offer because that is what I enjoyed.” 

Crowley so far has enjoyed his time at Wayne so far and is getting used to the change in scenery. 

“I think what I like most about Wayne is that it has a lot of great people here and it is very similar in size to the town that I had grew up in,” Crowley said“At least it isn’t too cold yet here, but I am used to just a little bit of warmer weather being from a couple hours more south.”  

Crowley values his students and wants all his students to succeed.  

“The biggest piece of advice I could give my students is study and keep an open mind of what you want to do with your career,” Crowley said. “I got to do things and go places I never thought I was going to get to go. If you take your time and value what you are learning that is something that all my students can do too.”