Turkey Drop tradition lives on at WSC


Wayne Stater archives

The Turkey Drop was inspired by an episode of “WKRP in Cincinnatti,” considered by some the greatest sit-com episode ever.

Tarik Urvina, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College student radio station, also known as 91.9 The Cat, organized this year’s annual Turkey Drop. This year’s turkey drop was the 26th edition of the event. The turkey drop was hosted outside the campus building of Neihardt Hall. 

The goal of this year’s event was to raise donations for the local food pantry. Several organizations and clubs participated in this year’s event.  

“We gather the contestants and the judges each year and we start planning the event at the beginning of the semester, Program director, Lisa Dohmen, said. 

It was important that the students that attended the event, followed the COVID-19 protocols, meaning to wear their mask and keep social distancing.  The turkey drop of this year was an occasion, where students could come, relax and enjoy time with friends, while competing in different categories.  

“The goal of the turkey drop is to have fun and spread awareness of our campus radio station,” Dohmen, said. “It also gives students involved with the radio station a chance to really dive into event planning.” 

The first record of the radio station hosting the turkey drop came 26 years ago. The event was based on an episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati” a popular tv show from the 70s. It was a special event to celebrate the holiday season and especially Thanksgiving. 

“As far as I can remember, 91.9 The Cat has done the turkey drop the same over the years, the only difference being the clubs that are involved every year,” General Manager, Andrew Suiter, said. 

The groups that participated were Walk for Life, Association of FCS, Media Club, Lamda Pi Eta and Wildcat Wheels.  

 “The clubs give us an item (their “turkey”) and we drop it off the Neihardt Hall fire escape for a chance to win in a few categories like Longest Hangtime, Sharpshooter, Best Dressed, Biggest Splat, and People’s Choice,” Suiter said. 

Walk for Life won the category of the Longest Hangtime. The award for the Biggest Splat went to Lamda Pi Eta. The Media Club received the prize for the Best Dressed category. The Sharpshooter prize went to the Association of FCS. Wildcat Wheels won the award for the People’s Choice category.  

91.9 The Cat is planning to add many more years to this event that is taking place annually just before the thanksgiving break outside of Neihardt Hall. 

There is no plan to stop the Turkey Drop,” Suiter said. “It is an event that we are happy to do every year and is a bright spot of every fall semester.”