What’s happening with Whitney: 11th edition

Whitney Winter, Staff Writer

As the semester comes to an end, I want to tell everyone this will be my last column for the semester (and maybe for the year). As I sit here writing to my readers, the snow is falling with gusto and the winds blow with great force. I have my hot beverage with my winter llama mug that says “Save the Drama for Your Llama” with cute llamas in scarves and hats.  

I always get jokes told about my name, Whitney Winter, because of the association with the season. Questions are usually, “Is Winter your favorite season?” “You must like all this snow,” and “How do you spell it?” My answer for the first two questions is NO and the last is just how the season is spelled 

Winter weather can bring out the best in you, or it can bring out your inner beast. I absolutely hate being cold to the point I can feel the coldness in my bones, that is a sign that it is too cold outside. You can only wear so many layers until it becomes hard to walk and maneuver around. At that point I say, ditch your plans and stay indoors with a cup of a hot beverage and near your fireplace. I personally do not like the winter weather but enjoy the winter holidays and atmosphere surrounding the giving season 

The giving holidays bring families together but can also pull them apart. I have a crazy family and family gathering are always hectic but y’all know they are mine and I love them. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most celebrated holidays in my family, so the pressure to bring someone home for the holidays is heightened. About half of the cousins are female, so we get a lot of crap dished out each holiday season if we don’t bring a girlfriend/boyfriend home. 

One of my uncles will without a doubt always tease us about the “special” people in our lives. If we don’t have a “special” person, then he would tease us and ask “Why not?” A lot of the younger cousins’ answers are “because we don’t have time” or “no one likes me.” The real answer we all want to give is “we don’t need a man to complete us, so stop asking if we are dating anyone.”  

Do anyone else’s holidays go like that or is just my family? I think everyone has that one person, but we love them anyway because we are family. I always say, a family that teases each other, sticks together. Just kidding, I just made that up.  

I wish everyone’s finals go well and I hope everyone has a safe holiday season.