Jake Webber took spooky season too far

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

Jake Webber is a 22-year-old living in L.A. that makes bizarre, out-of-the-box YouTube videos. Webber has driven a toy car around L.A., eaten a military breakfast from the 1940’s and bought an inflatable house. He has an extreme fascination with all things morbid, which he’s started to show on his channel. Webber’s started making spooky videos where he’s eaten death row inmates last meals and unboxed serial killers’ personal items.

Webber took spooky season to a new level with his new video titled, “This Ouija Board Was Made By A Serial Killer.” He bought and used a Ouija board that was made by a cannibal serial killer, that is also a vampire. In his own words, Webber’s “A skeptic, but not a closed book.” Which is why he decided to pay Nico Claux, known as the vampire of Paris, to make him a blood-stained Ouija board.

Claux is a French serial killer who would eat strips of muscle from bodies in mortuaries and dug up fresh graves to drink blood mixed with human ashes and protein powder. Due to the lack of evidence, he only got charged with one murder and six grave robberies. Unidentifiable skeletal remains, stolen blood bags, and jars of human ashes were found in his home during a police search. After serving just seven years and four months of a 12-year sentence, Claux was released from prison in March of 2002.

After being released from prison, Claux’s new passion is art. Webber messaged Claux and asked him to make a Ouija board with four serial killer’s faces on it; John Wayne Gacy as a clown, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ed Gein. The faces of the killers are in each corner of the board, and Claux offered to splatter his own blood on the board and the planchet. On the corners of each killer’s face, the planchet, and, pretty much just all around the board, real blood is splattered. Claux signed the back of the board with his name and an upside-down cross drawn with blood.

Webber went to a witch shop one day and was told that you’re not supposed to put your hands on the planchet, instead a ghost will magically move it for you. If you actually move the planchet, it’s 50% your subconscious and 50% the spirit. The spirit can’t move the planchet itself but can through the user. Webber’s brother sat in on the video and convinced him to wear gloves while touching the Ouija board, to keep his hands off of a biohazard.

While using the board, Webber put two shirts over his head and randomly moved his hand around the board to try to spell out a word. Shockingly, he did actually spell out the word “rose.” The video was posted on Oct. 26, which was two days after Rose Bundy’s, daughter of Ted Bundy, 38th birthday. After spelling out “rose” Webber ended the video. My immediate thought after watching the video was 1) why did I start out my week by watching this, and 2) is he really keeping that in his house?

From watching his other videos, I’m 90 percent sure he will be keeping that board in his house. Webber has done many things on his channel involving spirits and witchcraft, so keeping the Ouija board in his house shouldn’t be anything too out of the ordinary.