Wayne airport addition to be completed next fall

Alexander Retzlaff, Assistant Editor

The Wayne Municipal Airport and Olsen Engineering Inc. is currently overseeing renovations on Runway 18/36. The project’s third phase of construction began Sept. 21, and is estimated to be completed by the fall of 2021.

Wayne Municipal Airport’s runway renovations involve adding a parallel taxiway to Runway 18/36. Olsen Engineering Inc. is in charge of the taxiway’s construction, and the project is currently in its third phase. According to Travis Meyer, the airport authority chairman, the project was broken down into phases, with the first phase involving construction of a taxiway east of Runway 18/36. The third phase involves extending the parallel taxiway constructed during the project’s second phase, and is estimated to cost $1.9 million.

“[The renovation]’s moving along very nicely,” Meyer said. “The benefit of not having rain helped when we were moving dirt in.”

Meyer heads the Wayne Municipal Airport Authority. The authority also consists of vice chairman Tom Schmitz, secretary David Ley and board authority treasurer Beth Porter. Scott Hammer and Mark Putnam also serve as members on the board.

Wayne Municipal Airport is located on 856 Rd in Wayne. Community members with questions regarding the renovations can contact the airport by phone at 402-375-1984.