What’s happening with Whitney: 6th edition

Whitney Winter, Staff Writer

Oct. 6 is National Plus Size Appreciation Day! Give a compliment and celebrate your body type. This is a day to boost body confidence and normalize the appearance of plus-size models.

Oct. 6 was dedicated as National Plus Size Appreciation Day in 2017. According to nationaltoday.com, Ashley Graham, plus-size model and television presenter, became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Edition in 2016.

Poston your social media about this day. Give a shoutout on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok to help spread the word.

Social media can either be the downfall of a movement or the backbone of one. There are so many haters in the world, you sometimes just have to look past the negative comments and focus on the positive ones.

In the era of COVID-19, attending a plus-size fashion show or event is kind of impossible, but maybe host one in your backyard. Gather up a few friends and raid each other’s closets and put on a little fashion show. Kind of like we all did as kids, right? Have an impromptu photoshoot as well, because who doesn’t need more photos with their friends?

The most powerful action you can take is giving a compliment. The whole day is centered around the notion that we want women and men to feel good in their own bodies and not be ashamed if they look different than others. Give out a few extra compliments to your friends and family members, or even strangers. It’s a simple action that could make a person’s day.

Did you know that in the modeling world women sizes 6-16 are designated as plus-size? Plus-size people are not unhealthy like most people assume, but in fact they may be in excellent physical health.

In my opinion, plus-size models are some of the most powerful influencers in today’s society. They have more body confidence than most people, and they absolutely love their bodies. People want to look at models that actually look like they are living healthy, balanced lives. There are a lot of models that starve themselves to stay thin and “beautiful”. In my opinion, a beautiful body is a body that is fed balanced, healthy meals and is exercised regularly.

You are a beautiful human being and I hope you learn to love your body because every single body is beautiful in its own way. See you here next week.