Students encouraged to vote with less than a month until the election

Tarik Urvina, Staff Writer

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3. Wayne State College is doing everything to ensure that students get all the information they need to participate in the election.

“Elections has consequences, the people who get elected their decisions, affect every part of our lives.” Melanie Loggins, an academic student advisor at Wayne State College said. “It’s their responsibility to do research and vote for the people they think, will make the choices that best reflect their values.”

There are many reasons why students should vote, and there are many places online where they can obtain information about important issues which relate to them.

“They need to think about what is important to them as a college student,” Loggins said. “They can google who is running both for local elections and for state elections and federal in their area. They can look at a state senator and look up what that senator believes or has done about that issue. They have to look it up online, you need to do research as a voter.”

Wayne State College helps to navigate their students voting process and is providing information on how they need to register. The college is also giving information on how presidential voting works in the United States. There are many ways to vote. For example, students can even vote in the state where their college is located, in this case Nebraska.

“As long as they are registered to vote they can contact their county for an absentee ballot, which will be mailed to them and then they can vote now and mail it in wherever they are. Even if they are out of state,” Loggins said.

When students go to vote they should have their state ID. If one is voting in Nebraska for the first time, or registered to vote by mail, and didn’t provide ID when they registered, they can bring a copy of their photo ID. Students can also use a government document that shows their name and address when voting.

If a student lives out of state, the ballot will be mailed to their home. Students need to ask a family member to send the mail to their college address. The students need to keep the deadlines in mind, the last day to request a valid to be mailed to you is Oct. 23 and the last day to vote early is Nov. 2.