Shotgun Sports Club new to campus

Noah Schlekeway, Staff Writer

The Shotgun Sports Club is new to Wayne State College and is looking for interested members to join.

WSC student Hayley Long recently created the club.

“I created the club because it was the one thing that I really loved to do and it was also the one thing that I wanted at a college when I was picking colleges to go to,” Long said. “I also want to teach gun safety to everyone because I feel as if there are some goods to having fun shooting a gun compared to the negatives that guns sometimes get.”

The club is already bigger than Long could’ve imagined it being. “The club already has 17 people, and most people are completely new to the sport, so it is a new experience,” Long said.

The club is looking to grow over the next year as it cannot compete in competition this season because of COVID-19 and the fact that Wayne State is new to the sport this year. Members of the club also need to teach people how to shoot and compete for the sport.

Next season they will be competing in the Prairie Circuit Classic which is in the Midwest Conference. They will compete all over in surrounding states including Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The goal is to get to nationals, which will be held in Spring 2022 in San Antonio, Texas.

Wayne State student Nick Cramer was very excited to join the group as he loves to hunt.

“I was unable to shoot trap in high school because we didn’t have a team and I was busy with varsity sports,” Cramer said. “But I always wanted the opportunity to be able to do something like this, so I am glad that the club was created.”

Shooting competitively is something new for Cramer but he is hoping that others will be able to join the club and enjoy the experience like him.

“I think the most fun for me is the fact that I get to come in and meet new people who enjoy hunting and this kind of sport in general,” Cramer said. “We all share the love for it, and it makes it enjoyable.”

The club has only been active now for two weeks and is still looking for new members. Requirements for the club include that one must have their hunter’s certification and must also go through a range safety presentation created by Long. “Anybody that has an interest in hunting or wants to try something new would really like this club,” Long said.

“It is fun for anyone looking for some competition and just fun in general.”