Walk to School Day is this Thursday


Agnes Kurtzhals, Staff Writer

The Wayne State Green Team is sponsoring the Walk or Bike to School Day on Oct. 8 and the Trash Dash event will begin at 2 p.m. on the WSC campus.

“It’s a simple thing that people can do to feel like they are doing something positive,” Laura Dendinger, a professor in the business and ethics department, said.

Walk to School promotes local students to walk or bike to classes. According to the WSC Walk or Bike to School Day web page, walking a mile instead of driving saves 88.4 pounds of carbon emission.

“Walk to School Day and Trash Dash is a good reminder to us all that small changes and actions can make a positive impact on our environment,” Jaime Carden, a member of the Wayne State Green Team, said. “We don’t have to be environmental superheroes to make a difference.”

If students live on campus or do not want to walk to school, they can still get involved by picking up trash at the Trash Dash event on campus.

“The Trash Dash is for anyone, but specifically for commuters, that can’t just walk to school,” Carden said.

The WSC Business and Economics class choose the Walk to School event as their service-learning project.

“Part of being an ethical business leader, is to be a good steward of resources and to move toward sustainability in a company,” Dendinger said. “We talk about that in class, and we chose, each semester, a pledge that students can take to be a more sustainable campus.”

Other pledges that have been led by the Green Team include students and Chartwells to go Styrofoam-free, using less plastic and paper, straw-free campaign.

“We just look for different things that students could do even though they are living in the dorms,” Dendinger said.

The WSC Green Team meets on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the cafeteria in the student center. It is made up of students from all different majors.

“I think that a lot of students are interested in making the world a better place,” Dendinger said. “On our WSC Green Team page, people can pledge there and can share their ideas about other projects they would like to see done.”