Cru has been influential to students on campus

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Christina Combs, one of the co-presidents of Cru, and Alexis Eller, servant team leader, both offered their opinions on why they believe Cru is a great campus club to join.

“Cru has been influential in my life as it has connected me to the deepest, most loving community I’ve ever had,” Combs said. Combs said Cru has helped her with many areas of life including being challenged to step out of her comfort zone in order to deepen her faith with the Lord.

“I wanted to serve with Cru because I love the community of Christ followers here in Wayne,” Combs said. “I knew serving as co-president of Cru would challenge me and teach me new things about ministry and force me to depend on God in a difficult position of leadership.

“I had felt the Lord pushing me towards this opportunity to show others what it’s like to know and love Jesus with all your heart,” Eller said.

Eller said she wanted to join the servant team because she felt like the Lord was calling her into a leadership position within Cru.

“I believe that Cru can bring community to this campus,” Eller said. “Community is so important in our everyday lives and life is so much easier to bear when there are others around you, but most importantly, Cru can bring Jesus to our campus.”

“I think Cru can bring events to the campus of WSC, like barn dances, that are super fun and a great place to meet people without needing alcohol to have a good time,” Combs said. Combs also said Cru can provide a connection point of students who may feel alone or unseen.

Eller said the big goal Cru has in mind is giving every person the opportunity to learn more about Jesus. Eller and Combs both said the biggest challenge they have had to face so far is COVID-19.

“Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been challenging to find ways to be connected with one another that honors the health of people around us and honors our leadership who have asked us not to gather in large groups,” Combs said.

Although COVID-19 has caused some setbacks in Cru, Combs said the changes give Cru an opportunity to be creative and see the good that can come from the situation.
Often being in a leadership role a person can feel very unqualified for what they are trying to teach. “None of us are ‘qualified,’” Eller said. “I remember when I joined, I felt super unqualified as others on the team did too.”

“If that person is pursuing Christ and seeking to know and love Him more every day, they are qualified to serve with Cru,” Combs said.

“Some of my personal goals for Cru is, I would love for Cru to be a club that WSC students know that if they choose to be involved, they will experience love rather than judgement,” Combs said. “Jesus meets people where they are at.”

Eller’s personal goals for Cru and what she wants to bring to the table are similar. “Personally, I want to see others build their relationships with Jesus and with each other,” Eller said.