Comparing Chadron, Peru, and Wayne’s COVID-19 guidelines


Kaitlynn Breeden, Design Editor

Each of the Nebraska State Colleges – Wayne, Peru and Chadron, are having “normal” classes on their campuses this semester, while maintaining safety measures in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic the world is facing.

Wayne State College has had a total of 105 positive cases. Seventy-six of those cases are recovered while 29 are active positive cases. WSC did have testing available twice daily, but due to recent shortages that arose at labs, Wayne’s clinic partner has decided to issue tests for severe cases only. WSC is also conducting their own tests, in correspondence with

According to the WSC website, they will not shift from in-person classes to online because they believe face-to-face classes are important for the college experience. The college is committed to the goal of a safe in-person fall semester so that the institution can remain open. WSC has quarantine and isolation rooms available to students if they are positive, or they can quarantine at their home if it’s a safe and comfortable location for them.

Chadron State College has had 47 positive cases on its campus. Of those cases, 40 are students and six are employees who have recovered, while there is only one active positive student. CSC is prioritizing the expression, “Protect the Nest,” which is a three-step process to keep everyone safe. The three steps are: wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain and practice safe social distancing. Chadron State has a COVID-19 reporting form on its website for any student or employee who has been on campus in the last 14 days and feels they may have come into direct contact with COVID-19 or is experiencing flu-like symptoms. CSC is having in-person classes and is currently requiring students to wear a mask in any campus building or when around others, even in the town of Chadron. The campus plans to remain open and have its faculty and staff continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Peru State College has a current total of 61 students and six faculty/staff who have had COVID-19. Fifty-four students and five faculty/staff have recovered. Seven students and one faculty/staff member are currently positive for the coronavirus.

Peru is requiring face coverings in all classrooms, entrances, lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms and hallways. Masks are required outdoors when the six-foot social distancing requirement is not maintained. Peru State is testing students, faculty and staff for COVID-19, including a majority tested each week. Peru said on its website that wide range testing is the best way to maintain a healthy campus.

According to the college’s website, Peru has created “contingency plans” to help accommodate online classes for students, given that the school is forced to close due to COVID-19. Peru State would close its campus under the guidance of medical professionals and health organizations, including the Southeast District Health Department, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If any WSC student would like to make an appointment to be tested, they can call Student Health at 402-375-7470, even if your symptoms do not medically warrant a test as determined by a doctor.