Discussing Ms. Grande’s discography

Kaitlynn Breeden, Design Editor

For the two friends I have that know me very well, Ariana Grande has been one of the ten topics I know how to talk about well.

I know my ego has been rising since receiving a hate comment on a past article, but I’m still going to consider myself an intermediate expert of Grande’s discography. Because of how versed I am in Ari’s world, I want to break down her discography and discuss her best songs, and what should have been singles.

Grande’s break out album “Yours Truly,” released in 2013, had three singles; “The Way, “Baby I” and “Right There.” Ariana’s tone and style has developed and matured over time. She started out with more of an acapella, dreamy, 50s pop feel.

“Honeymoon Avenue” is a good example of that. The lyrics are kind of mushy, and I think feelings are uncomfortable, but this song will always be one of my favorites. “Yours Truly” gives me somewhat of a Mariah Carey feel, as she is one of Grande’s influences.

The best tracks off this album are “Honeymoon Avenue,” “Piano” and “You’ll Never Know.” Before I get cancelled for not including “The Way,” let me plead the fifth. Miller’s album “The Divine Feminine” features Grande on a track called, “My Favorite Part.”

“My Favorite Part,” is way underrated when compared to the success “The Way” had. Everything about “My Favorite Part” is incredible from the lyrics to the music video. No one can tell me otherwise, thank you, next.

Grande’s second album, “My Everything” had many rappers featured on the album like Big Sean, Cashmere Cat, Childish Gambino, A$AP Ferg, Iggy Azalea, Eminem and Nicki Minaj. For it only being her second album, it’s incredibly impressive that Grande had huge names in the industry collab with her early on.

The top bops of this album, to me, are “One Last Time,” “Love Me Harder” and “Bang Bang.”

“Just A Little Bit of Your Heart,” written by Harry Styles was the start of my love and gratitude for a Grande-style ballad. I remember Grande sang it at the Grammys and to this day is still one of my crying session songs.

Moving on to Grande’s third studio album, and one of my favorites, we have “Dangerous Woman.” I feel like when “Dangerous Woman” came out, everyone stopped associating Grande with Nickelodeon. Grande kept her r&b and pop influences, but brought in trap to the mix.

I think “Dangerous Woman” was one of the most iconic moments of her career thus far. Those latex bunny ears transformed Grande from a teenager with brightly dyed red, falling out hair, to a soon to be pop vocalist, leading the genre with her knee-high boots.

“Be Alright,” “Dangerous Woman” and “Greedy,” are my top three. I really sat for half an hour and had an inner monologue about if I was really gonna try and place a top three, knowing I’d be cutting out some good bops.

The fact that “Greedy” wasn’t a single, haunts me to this day. The runs and high notes Grande provided us with on “Greedy,” deserved to be showcased more than they were.

Grande’s album covers transcended through a black and white 50s moment, to an upside-down moment with her fourth album “Sweetener.”

“Sweetener,” was released the August following the Manchester bombing, and had a lot of critiques about its production. Member of “The Neptunes,” and record producer Pharrell Williams touched nearly every song on this album.

My favorites off this album are “everytime,” “better off” “goodnight n go,” and “pete davidson.” I was able to narrow down to three on the previous albums, but it’s not gonna happen with this one.

“pete davidson” is a short lived 1:13 seconds that I like to listen to in the three minutes I have a crush on someone. Despite the tragic ending of their short-lived engagement, “pete davidson” is a cute, lovey-dovey song that I love and appreciate greatly. “goodnight n go,” is also a lovey song that puts me in my pre-relationship feels.

“thank u, next” is Grande’s latest album and she swept the charts with it. The album broke the record for biggest day one global pop album on Apple Music. It is also the biggest day one global for a female artist on Apple music and went no. 1 on Apple Music in 84 countries.

“Sweetener” was an extremely positive album, while “thank u, next” shows a different side to the artist. Each song on the album underlines the importance of self-care, contemplation, and living authentically. “thank u, next” is a much darker album and is more mature than Grande’s past albums. It features different styles and sounds that Grande can seamlessly blend into anything. Every song on the album are favorites to me, so I can’t narrow it down.

Overall my favorite Grande album thus far is a tie between “thank u, next” and “Dangerous Woman.” Both are incredible albums in my opinion, and all of the tracks flow together so well. Grande was and continues to be one of the biggest popstars in the industry. A lot of my favorite songs are off of these albums, and I can’t wait to see what else she’ll produce in the future.