Don’t complain to me because I probably don’t care

Kaitlynn Breeden, Design Editor

The headline I picked for this article kind of makes me seem rude, but I mean it. Sure, I do my fair share of complaining about things to my boyfriend, but he’s my complain person. I don’t complain to everyone around me, I’m not gonna waste their time.

I’ve made two categories of complaining; understandable and “no one cares.” For example, in the “no one cares” category is complaining about something you signed up to do. If you signed up to take a class, why bother complaining about the minimum work the class requires. If you decided to spend your money to take a class and you are complaining about having to do the homework (for a class you paid to take), I honestly do not know what to tell you.

You wouldn’t buy a case of Busch Lattes and complain about how gross they are. You were confident enough to buy a whole case of it, knowing you wanted to drink it. If it’s gross it is on you for buying it. If you’re going to complain about everything in a class you decided to take, WHY are you in it? Sorry your Busch Lattes suck and sorry a class you’re getting credit to do sucks. Don’t complain to a group of people about a class you decided you wanted to take. Either drop the class or do the work you signed up to do.

However, there are things that make sense to complain about. For example, if you had a one-year lease on an apartment and realize a month into it that your landlord sucks, that’s understandable. Now, my friend Tory is in a physics class and occasionally complains but that is also understandable. While writing this column, Tory texted me and said, “I haven’t even started my physics homework yet. I’m slightly concerned that I can feel a pulse in the base of my neck. But, oh well, the show must go on.” If Tory might be rupturing her neck by hunching over her physics, ya’ll can go to an easy class and get it done.

Complaining instead of trying to problem solve does not fix your issues. I used to be a huge complainer and it was a major downer for anyone listening to me. I’ve made the mental journey to a head space of, “It is what it is, just get it done,” and I’m really having a good time now. I still have a marker board and planner full of things I need to do, but I have less of a hard time dealing with it now. Homework and your daily life activities are things you have to get done regardless, and complaining just stresses you out more. Stop complaining and get to working!