BSA aims to promote diversity in campus community


Wayne Stater Archive Photo

Hap-Gu Morgan, Staff Writer

The Black Student Association at Wayne State exists to help educate the school and community on the Black Lives Matter movement.

BSA has been affected by the pandemic because promotional events like the annual club fair have been postponed to help enforce social distancing within the college, creating challenges recruiting new members. Though there are challenges, the Black Student Association has not lost focus this year, which is to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I feel as if the country could be doing more for the Black Lives Matter movement,” said Devyn Davis, the President of the Black Student Association. “I wish I could see a time where we see a true connection between the people and the government, but sadly that hasn’t happened yet. We are working to teach what the movement #BLACKLIVESMATTER means at its core, which is the value of Black Lives.”

The club is hoping to hold a Black Lives Matter forum later this year to kick off spreading awareness, which will be open to the public, with social distancing enforced.