Student senate leadership inviting change


Delaney Meyer, Staff Writer

As a result of COVID-19, Student Senate will be taking precautions and trying to make campus safer while completing their normal goals.

“Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we did have to switch rooms to the Niobrara because it accommodates the number of people we want to have,” the Student Senate President, Adam Smith, said. “Even though there is a sense of uncertainty, we still want to move forward as if everything is going to go as smoothly as planned.”

Meetings are still the same day and time, but it is now a requirement that students wear masks at the meeting. Student Senate is still trying to hear concerns of students and looking into different projects.

“Even with the pandemic, we want to continue to provide support for both clubs and students as well,” the Student Senate Vice President, Jackson Richling, said.

If students have ideas on how to make campus safer during the pandemic, Student Senate would love to hear them. The organization wants to be an active voice for the student body.

“We want to establish an open line of communication with students,” Smith said. “If they want mandates, come to us and we will draft something up and get it done. Our committee meetings are open to the public, and people are able to testify, send letters, and do basically anything that shares their voice with us.”

Although COVID-19 has altered the school year plans and events, new projects are still in the works. Installing new water bottle fillers in every building and redoing the nature trail next summer are some of the projects Student Senate is working on.

“This time during the pandemic, is full of change and uncertainty but, we want to make it certain that we are here for students and for the population of Wayne to make sure they are safe, protected, and supported,” Richling said.