Do’s during isolation

Activities to try while in quarantine


Llolanda Hernandez

The coronavirus is an unprecedented disease that many people never expected. In an era where people are used to relying on their technology as entertainment, life can become boring after days of isolation. There are other means of entertainment during isolation than a cellular device that people can ultimately begin to implement into the new lifestyle.

If you are into self-care, this one is for you. Give yourself a pedicure or do a face mask to relax. These past weeks have been overwhelming for everybody. The least anybody deserves is a small do-it-yourself, self-care session. Self-care during isolation does not include doing any dying or cutting of hair. There might be a tinge of regret if you decide to do this, not to mention stylists are already warning clients. Another idea for self-care that people might be forgetting to do is exercise. Exercising can include meditating through yoga to strenuous workouts like running. People are still allowed to exercise or run around their town during quarantine if they are following all health measures.

Puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes and crosswords might be the best option for those who want challenges. All these challenging games could be bought off Amazon and delivered directly to the door within a couple of days. A puzzle can take hours to days to complete. A Rubik’s Cube might never get solved; they seem impossible. Crossword puzzles are a couple of minutes to hours to complete. What’s best is that all these can be done with the company of others around the household.

Learning is also a good focus through isolation. Learning can range from easy to harder to learn tasks. Everybody has their own preference in activities whether it be reading a book to increase knowledge to DIY to learn. Having to do to learning activities can be anywhere between playing a guitar or makeup practicing. One new trend even includes making TikTok videos for fun, but the learning process can be somewhat difficult because of the difficulty in learning the newest dance moves, along with editing clips.

There are several ideas given on the internet for what to do once being isolated at home becomes difficult. Many WSC students cannot isolate or stay home through the pandemic unless completely necessary.

“I actually got a new job at an essential workplace because I can’t just sit around all day, every day,” said Stacie Anderson, organizational leadership and public relations student.
It is recommended that those who can stay home and isolate do so for their well-being and others surrounding them.