College’s flexibility with housing and refunds popular among students


Halleigh Hawkins, Staff Writer

As face-to-face courses at Wayne State College ended for the semester, students were given the option to either move out their belongings or stay on campus. If the students filled out a survey given by the college by March 23, they could receive a refund in the mail or by direct deposit.

Kelly Legler, Director of Student Accounts, said that Peru State, Wayne State and Chadron State made the decision to calculate the amounts the students would be refunded if they made the decision to move out of the residence halls.

“Peru, Wayne and Chadron all collectively decided that 60% of the balance remaining in the spring semester housing and/or meal plan would be fair numbers,” Legler said. “For housing, that amount was arrived at by calculating the funds that the college needed to service the bonds associated with the residence halls and the expenses that they had already incurred during the spring semester. And the meal plans, the amount was arrived at by calculating the upfront cost of our food service contract and the expenses that they had already incurred during the spring semester.”

Legler said that giving the students a choice to move out or stay was beneficial and serving to many.

“The students did get to choose whether to stay in the dorm or to go back home to their permanent residence and gave them the choice to make the best decision for them or their families,” Legler said. “Residence Life did make it clear that the residence halls and dining services would stay open to anyone who chose to reside and dine on campus and anyone who chose to return to their place of residence could do so.”

Many students took upon the opportunity to move out of the residence halls, including students Bethany Black, Beth Holtz, and Bridget McPhillips.

Black said that she thought it was a good idea that the college gave them the option to leave.

“I think it was good they gave us the option because if you were working in Wayne, you could still live there,” Black said. “You didn’t feel like you were being kicked out of the home you had paid for.”

McPhillips also thought it was a great option because she wouldn’t be forced to pay for things she wasn’t using.

“I think it was a great option because I knew I wouldn’t be going back to Wayne, and I wanted to be reimbursed for money that I was spending even if I wasn’t there,” McPhillips said. “I just completed the survey saying that I was moving out, moved out, and then last week, money showed up in my account.”

Holtz said that getting the refund was a nice thing for students to receive because then students can use the money for future classes.

“Getting a refund check is a great thing for students because with that money it can help go towards summer classes if you are taking them and help paying back loans if needed,” Holtz said.

Legler said that direct deposit was another option that students could choose to have their money dispersed to them. Otherwise it was sent by mail to their permanent address on Wildcats Online.

She also added that the process of sending the refund checks back was a smooth process in combination with direct deposit, which many students did take advantage of.

“On our end, you know, we handle the refunds, so a lot of students did sign up for direct deposit,” Legler said. “If they didn’t have direct deposit, we just mailed it directly to their permanent addresses that they have on file with Wildcats Online. We felt that we got their refunds to them as quickly as possible. I think everything went as smoothly as it could.”

Legler also showed support to President Marsyz Rames in her ability to support students in her decision making.

“I feel that the president, and all of the administrative staff, have been making decisions that are in the best interest of our students and our staff,” Legler said.