Advice for finals studying during pandemic


Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

Studying for finals during a pandemic should be easy, but that might not be the case for all. Students can have a variety of issues, conflicting time schedules, hectic households, or almost anything else. There are several studying habits that can be implemented for a successful final’s week.

The first objective to figured out is, which classes are easier for you (student). Meanwhile students should study for each class that they attend. It is also important to prioritize classes that are tougher. That means scheduling time to study further in advance of finals week. Now, arrange set times to study for each individual class. It is always a good idea to have a planner or set a timer to study; dedicate your time solely to one class at a time.

If your professor has not given ideas in advance as to what topics or format the test will cover it might be a good idea to ask. Since professors are also currently self-isolating it is a good idea to try to contact them through email or Canvas. It is crucial to know what content from the semester will most likely be on the final exam to put more focus towards those areas.

Many already know the following information — do not cram. It has been proven that cramming is one of the worst things to do during finals week. Studying bits at a time is a suggestion is at least an hour at a time and take small breaks of ten minutes. One of the best times to study is in the morning and before bed, but like already mentioned, do not cram. Take your time and stay on track for successful finals grades.

Students that are used to studying in groups might find this as a difficult time to do so, but there’s technology. The best way to stay in contact with mentors and class members is using the technology that we have at our finger tips. . Available tools are text messaging, video conference calls, or emails. If a student is used to usually studying while seeing others, video conference calls would be the route to go.

For those students who become easily distracted, get rid of that cellphone, put it on airplane mode or do not disturb. If using laptop you should close all of the unnecessary webpages, no social media. If the issue is having a hectic household then find a spot that will be comfortable and peaceful. The weather is clearing up, so it might be a possibility to head outside with a chair and get fresh air.

Lastly, take a deep breath and meditate if needed. This is not the first finals week, nor will it be the last unless your graduating — you get the drift. Relaxation and a good night’s rest are key to a successful finals week. Take each study session and each day to improve your knowledge, but at night try resting. Sleep is essential for the brain to process all information learned while studying.