Graduation at WSC postponed until late summer

Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

Graduation at Wayne State College has been officially postponed to a later date due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The ceremony for undergraduate and graduates was set to take place on Saturday, May 9, but a date for later ceremony is yet to be set.

According to Marysz Rames, President of WSC, “We will announce the date for the ceremony once we are certain that we can choose a date that reflects the best possible decision in light of restrictions on public gatherings and other safe health practices.”

The ceremony is to be postponed to the Summer but WSC has given graduates an option of December commencement instead.

This is a saddening time for students who have looked forward to graduate for years. Many expressed their feelings by sharing on their social media and sharing the announcement directly from the Wayne State Facebook page. Students and families have been understanding of the situation.

WSC is not one of the only surrounding colleges that have postponed commencement in May. Several colleges and schools in the U.S. have also looked at having virtual graduations according to U.S. News. Meanwhile there are many students that don’t agree this would be correct after their hard work of completing college. It’s uncertain how colleges will reschedule or adjust to the change of these recent weeks.