Richling runs for Student Senate Vice President

Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

Sophomore Jackson Richling is running for vice president of the Wayne State College Student Senate on a ticket with Adam Smith. Richling is majoring in business administration with an emphasis on marketing and has been involved in many school activities.

“I am the vice president of Residence Hall Association,” Richling said. “In that position I have much of the same duties as the vice president of Student Senate. I administrate the budget, carry out meetings, when the president is absent, coordinate events, and much more.”

Richling is also involved in CLAWS, Civic Leadership at Wayne State; working at the Navigator desk; and Alpha Lambda Delta. Being heavily involved in the WSC community, he attends SAB meetings, fundraisers and events that support other clubs and organizations.

Richling said he has been a part of Student Senate for two years, while Smith has been involved for four years.

“We have worked together on various committees and task forces advocating for students,” Richling said. “Adam Smith is the president of CLAWS and the chair of the government committee on Senate, both of which I dedicate my time to.”

He and Smith have worked together for years. They have set realistic goals concerning their campaign.

“We want our efforts and Student Senate’s budget to go to problems that can be fixed and affect a large student population.”

For Richling this campaign and running for Student Senate is much more than an extracurricular activity.

“I have developed a passion for positively impacting and representing students on this campus,” Richling said. “I cannot think of a better way to help students on this campus than being a part of Student Senate.”

His two years in the Student Senate include being a senator, being involved in the Allocations Committee, Government Committee, Academic Policy and Academic Advising and Support Services Taskforce. He said these all include high involvement with the student population at WSC.

Richling outlined his objectives for campus if elected.

“Through my student leadership, as vice president of Student Senate, I will provide an even greater outlet for students to voice their concerns about any part of student life,” Richling said. “However, I don’t just want to listen to student problems, I want to actively work to fix them. I want to see clubs and organizations on campus receive not just funding for Senate, but total support.”

Online voting for WSC Student Senate president and vice president will be held from Monday, March 23, through Friday, March 27.