Mitch Matthews’ ‘A Big Dream Gathering’ coming to campus

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Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

Wayne State College will host a Big Dream Gathering Tuesday, March 3, at the Frey Conference Suite. Everyone is invited to attend, and it is free.

Mitch Matthews, who is well known from his Huffington Post Podcast “Dream. Think Do,” will be the speaker. He is also the bestselling author of “Dream Job: Redefined” and has appeared nationally on several television programs.

At the event, attendees will write out their ideas and become inspired to reach short or lifelong goals. It could also be a place for attendees to create their goals.

Matthews has hosted events at other universities. Trisha Kolterman, assistant professor of business and economics at WSC, said many have shared their stories of self-achievement after attending Big Dream Gatherings. The event can be expected to be a place of encouragement, openness and positivity.

The idea of having Matthews at WSC came from a conference that the fraternity Delta Sigma Pi attended.

“He is just so high energy and fully engaged that the students were, like, ‘we have to get him to campus,’” Kolterman said. “So, that just started this whole process of how can bring Mitch here so that students can experience this same inspiring event.”

Kolterman said Matthews speaks to the audience about his compelling life experiences, which allows attendees to relate and feel engaged. Most importantly he speaks of dreams and how one can find the right connections to accomplish them.

“It really struck a cord with me because as a professor that’s what we’re here to do with our students, to help you guys come in, find what inspires you, what you want to become, and set you on the path,” Kolterman said. “This whole concept of dreams to me is vitally important not only for students, but even for professors, business owners, for all of us to allow ourselves to dream, but also then make those dreams become a reality.”

Those who attend could meet people with their own dreams and make connections that allow them to advance. Matthews also incorporates real life situations that might occur to anyone while trying to reach set goals. Matthews helps map out both small and large goals.

“He has some great stories of people who have attended his conference,” Kolterman said.

Business owners and leaders have been invited to attend this conference. They will be able to possibly help students that have similar interests by providing connections or suggestions.

“The idea is to help people connect with not only other students, but community leaders,” Kolterman said. “I think that just going through the process of it is really good because it helps you to one, you might have not thought what your dreams are and so it starts you thinking about that. Two, it helps you start learning those soft skills of talking with others about that. It’s a safe and encouraging environment.”

A Big Dream Gathering is sponsored by several WSC departments, including the Student Affairs Office, Career Services Department, College Foundation and the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office.

Mitch Matthews & The BIG Dream Gathering™
Mitch Matthews has spoken to college students before, and he will be coming to Wayne next week to talk to everyone here having big dreams.