Missed Connections

To the bearded guitar player of Odd Man Out, did you forget deodorant?

From the guy in the crowd who saw you checkin’ your pits.

To all the people who park in Lot 2, Learn to park your cars right! From
an insightful student.

To the guy who I found in my room, I hate you. From You-Know-Who.
To Vegeta. ITS OVER 9000!!! From Napa.

F is for friends who do stuff together! U Is for you and me! N is for
aNywhere and anytime at all! Down here in the Deep Blue Sea! From
that lil’ yellow square dude.

To Ash, you still owe me a new bike. Misty.

To the guy in the black hoodie, thank you for holding the door open for
me. From the girl with the blue backpack.

To Felicia, I’m sorry people always tell you Bye.

To the guy in the lower gag with the crystal blue eyes, you are adorable
and we should get coffee some time. From the guy in the green sweater.

Missed connections can be sent to [email protected]