Hearing voices or seeing things?

Morgan Cardenas, Sports Editor

So, over the weekend, I was scrolling through both Facebook and Twitter like any other bored college student. Suddenly I came across this article about how, when thinking, some people either hear their own voice in their head or nothing at all. Mind. Blown.

Now I don’t know about you, but I never knew that some people can’t hear anything in the head. Personally when I think, I can hear my own voice in my head and can even have a conversation with myself up there. No, I’m not crazy. So instead of being able to do this, other people can see the words in their heads but don’t hear anything, like a voice, to go with it.

I also read that they end up talking to themselves instead of in their head. So, basically, I can look at myself in a mirror and not verbally say anything, but instead I can mentally say it and hear my voice.

For people who don’t have an internal dialogue, they end up saying everything out loud when looking in the mirror. When it comes to reading, instead of saying it in their head, they just see the words and their brains just process what it is saying without repeating it themselves mentally.

My boss and I were talking about this and apparently her husband is someone who has no internal dialogue. He said he just sees the things that I would normally think in my head as words and abstract objects. Also when my boss, who does have her own voice in her head, reads something, like an email, she hears it in the voice of the person writing to her.

I can’t do that unless I am picturing a certain situation or remembering something with someone else. Then, I hear the people in those scenarios in their own voices instead. Does anyone else do that or is it just me?

Apparently, knowing that other people don’t hear voices the same way you do, is uncommon. Which, I mean, that makes sense. Usually with something that we’ve been doing our whole lives, we wouldn’t question that someone else would do it differently. Mainly since it’s never really been talked about before.

Thinking about it too much can be confusing, especially if you haven’t talked to someone who thinks differently than you. So, I suggest asking all you friends: “How do you think?” Maybe you all think the same or maybe someone is different from you. This could be a fun and new conversation for you to have and you might just learn something new.