Letter to the editor

Lauren White

My original motivation was my close friend, who lives in the same dorm as me. She was raped, and the cops really didn’t do anything to help her case, even though there are more victims from her rapist. He dropped out of school before Title IX could really step in. I decided I want to protect people from situations like this, before they happen. Many girls don’t tell anyone because they don’t think anyone will believe them, and this shook me. These situations are horrible, wand these girls have to live with it for the rest of their lives. I want to prevent this, have a campus that educates, and look out for each other.

Anyway, we created the club, I found great connections on campus and in Wayne, willing to work with me. I am an assault survivor, an LGBTQ+ member, I’ve experienced bullying, as well as been an abuse survivor. I grew up in a feminist house hold, my father lectures on toxic masculinity/real feminism, and it is ingrained in me. I started martial arts at the age of three and went on to get my third degree black belt. I was a two-time national junior Olympic champion in sparring (fighting). I taught Taekwondo for four years before I moved to Wayne. I was the female bassets in an all-female band, Infinite Echo. who promotes feminism. I started at 14 and stopped at 16, until I switched to other bands until eventually I started performing on my own. I’m an outdoor trick roller skater/past competitive dance roller skater.

My major is political science with a minor in pre-law and environmental concerns. I strive to be a powerful congresswoman, to make an actual impact on those struggling, and those who don’t have a voice. I am the vice president of the Political Science Club. I am hosting a voters’ registration event that I think would be beneficial for many clubs. I also started a Young Democrats club for ages 15-35 for the city of Wayne, requested by my adviser. I am a member of PRIDE, BSA, and Active Minds. Two weeks ago I was quoted in the Wayne Stater on our first amendment rights! I started volunteering for Bernie Sanders before I was even eligible to vote at 17.

Just this weekend I knew Bernie Sanders was coming to Sioux City with AOC, a very powerful feminist congresswoman. To be able to get a picture with them, they told me I had to canvas (door knock) at least 75 houses. I doubled that and canvased for 5 hours in the cold with my friend, Toliver. I don’t do the bare minimum, if I am going to be passionate about something, I fully invest my time and effort. I was invited to stand behind Senator Sanders and AOC at the rally. I got to meet them, and take a group picture with my fellow volunteer friends. I caucused Feb. 3rd for Bernie and I worked as the “whip.” I am so passionate about getting experience and doing what I believe is right.

I want our club to be all inclusive, welcome to any person. Being involved is very important to me. Of every individual in the world, there is no one person exactly like another, our diversity is fierce. We need as much representation as possible if we want to work together for societal change. We will be an action-based club, change involves effort, and I know we can do it! I have so many ideas I can’t let go to waste, these are essential! I’m currently working on an event for a voters’ registration, we plan on having a Planned Parenthood speaker come talk about sex, gender, consent and abuse. We want to recognize/empower black, Latina, indigenous and LGBTQ women. To acknowledge that hate crimes still happen and what we can do to prevent that. We want to recognize women on Wayne State’s campus and around town during women’s month. I plan on having these amazing women I met at the local poetry slam perform their work for the club, as many of them have poems on assault/harassment that are pretty moving.

We want to have meetings on mental health, self-love, relationships, self-defense, harassment and helping others. I’m most excited to teach the club taekwondo, so no person has to feel uncomfortable walking across campus at night or just being alone. Women’s month is March and we have a ton planned! I grouped together with 34 individuals who support this club, and our agenda. We decided to go by Woman and Allies Validating Equality or (WAAVE), we wanted to make it clear that we are all inclusive, and this is not just a club for women. We will meet Wednesdays at six in the student center if you are interested. Please go ahead and follow waavewsc on Instagram, and you can reach us at [email protected] for updates and more!
I knew if I wanted real change for this campus, and the individuals who live here, then I had to be the one to step up and make sure that there was quality effort being put into what real feminism is. I did this with the help of my real friends. Our goal is to make a safe place for every person, and I appreciate anyone willing to help, I know we are going to do just that.