Life on the low road part one

Jacob Stewart, Columnist

“Life is sad, life is a bust, all ya can do is do what you must,” Bob Dylan sang in his 1975 folk song “Buckets of Rain.” His words are calling out to me, readers, in the brutal adolescence of this century. We’re being taken for a ride, folks, driven down a road that is taking us into a bad part of town, a one way run all the way into disaster. So, what can we do? How can we get past life being nothing but a depressing bust?

It’s coming down to only two options. Voting or revolution. While the concept of revolution is nothing new to this country, there is certainly the chance for a rather ugly conclusion. So, that leaves us with the former of the two— the vote.

Sure, I know it’s something you’re all getting tired of hearing. At least for those of you who happen across this section of The Wayne Stater. It seems like such a tired old line given by so many parents and politicians. Yet in this upcoming election, let the line sink in. Allow it the chance to burrow inside your mind and make a home there. Because if you don’t, we’ll most likely be saying goodbye to the America we once knew.

The man who is currently destroying the title of President of the United States is obviously far from being fit to sit behind the Oval Office, let alone even being allowed in the White House as a tourist.

Sure, there are some who will say that he escaped the impeachment, and because of that, he’s clearly innocent, but make no mistake, readers. This is merely a cheap way out from the truth. Al Capone was brought down through tax evasion rather than murder charges, but even back then, people knew what he was up to. Nixon didn’t even have an impeachment hearing, yet the country came to realize that he was a shyster. The same goes for Trump. He’s nothing more than a cheap criminal, one far too stupid to even check the information in his tweets regardless of them being either the preambles of executive orders or the congratulations of the wrong state after a super bowl victory.

The man has taken our economy running head first into a brick wall. He’s positioned us into numerous conflicts on a variety of scales against both friend and enemy alike. And, he’s divided us, leaving the nation to stand on the precipice, looking straight into the depths of civil war.

While I know something like this won’t do enough to change the view of everyone, I can only hope that some of you out there will see the facts here. We may have lost a few battles along the way, but we can still win the war if we get out and show the bastard that he can’t escape every defeat. If not, we might as well say “dasvidaniya” to the republic we once called the land of the free.