Destressing before finals

Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

I think that we can all relate to the stress accumulated before finals week, even instructors. There are plenty of things to complete whether it be us students writing the papers or professors correcting and grading them. When you arrive at campus, remember, you are not alone. Take a deep breath and exhale. You’ve got this, remind yourself that. We’re close to the end and it will all be well worth it.

Many people struggle with knowing how to destress themselves. There are several ways that anybody can do this according to Google. Let’s see now, get enough sleep, exercise, pet an animal, those are all things that we’ve heard numerous times. By far one that should be at top of everyone’s list is talking to another human being. How many have talked into their books? Prior to finals week everyone becomes distant and attached to their books and this can be stressful. Be open to talking to a classmate or friend, initiate a study session together. Study sessions are great to study and to socialize meanwhile you study together. Have an issue with a question on the review? Ask your buddy if they know it, maybe they can explain it better. Now, you’re destressing.

Watch Netflix to destress? Sign me up. I’m not talking about binge watching a whole season of “Lucifer” either. By watching one episode of your favorite series it can help your brain stop thinking about school at least for a good 30 minutes. It could also count as a way of reward after studying several hours. Trust me this is one of the best rewards you can give yourself. It also counts as “you time” unless you really want to perk it up and go get a pedicure or massage. But we’re college students, we’re poor.

Petting an animal sounds nice unless you already have one. Just thinking about having to clean up their mess is stressful enough. So, no thank you, next. How about online shopping? Being poor doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves a little treat that we can be excited to receive in the mail after finals week. Personally, online shopping sounds like the best way to forget the stress, but I’m pretty sure majority of us feel stressed by not being able to work and make that money, because we’re too busy studying. For those of you that still work full-time, you’re wild.

At this point sleep sounds great, it’s free and it helps forget every problem. Unless you can’t sleep from so much overthinking then I recommend melatonin. Sleep is crucial during finals week, don’t stay up cramming too much information the night beforehand. It will stress you out, so try staying ahead of the game and study before finals week. Study, but don’t stress out because at the end of finals week we’re going to be free and that’s all that should matter. Whatever it is that you choose to help destress, do it without a worry in the world.