Rule clarification leads to longest meeting of the semesterbe

Student Senate works to amend errors


Tyler Fransen , Staff Writer

In an effort to alleviate the problems that have been plaguing Student Senate for much of the semester, Senate met last Sunday with a long list of proposed changes to its rules.

The changes to the rules appear mostly at a grammatical level in the election handbooks. The Student Government committee of Senate was reportedly working diligently to try to clarify most, if not all, of the spelling errors in the rules.

“I would say among the four main documents [constitution, by-laws, and the two election handbooks] there were overall a dozen grammatical errors,” Student Senator Justin Aaberg said.

Student Government committee is working on fixing the bugs in the main set of documents, the biggest one coming to the constitution.

“Constitutional changes have to be approved by the student body,” Aaberg said. “Mainly the proposals are clarifying of rules already in place.”

Student Senate then proceeded to discuss the upcoming festival of trees and the fundraising efforts behind it. The organization Pi Gamma Mu proposed a buy-in for the trees in an attempt to raise more funds for needy children.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that last year’s fundraiser was unsatisfactory.

Regardless of the fundraising efforts of last year, it always seems like raising more money for children in need is a good idea.

Senate had one of its lengthiest meetings thus far on the semester clocking in at about two hours. Most of the meeting was spent on discussion pertaining to Senate rules and changes.

Senate will meet one last time in the month of November before the Thanksgiving break, and from then on the talk will most likely be second semester and any forthcoming elections.

For now, Senate looks to continue its cleanup effort of the rule changes so that future Senates do not confront the same issues.