Mrsny keeps campus safe for 20 years

Cody Beckmann, Staff Writer

Jason Mrnsy has worked for 20 years at Wayne State College’s Campus Security department as the Campus Security Manager. Mrsny’s duties as Campus Security Manager are to supervise and manage the security department and lead them in variations of security duties on campus.

“Safety and security is our top responsibility on campus and we do that to the best of our abilities,” Mrsny said.

There are students and full-time employees that work under and with Jason to help improve Wayne State’s safety and security measures. One of those employees is John Rokes, a WSC student who has worked with Campus Security and Mrsny for a few years now.

“Jason always goes the extra mile and is there for myself and coworkers,” Rokes said. “The greatest thing I’ve learned from Jason is to keep the self confidence and trust myself that what I am doing is correct.”

Another Campus Security employee is Brandon Ziska. Ziska has worked with Mrsny for 16 years helping provide safety and security to the campus community. “He is very hands-on and a very lead by example kind of boss,” Ziska said. “He wouldn’t have you do something that he wouldn’t do.”

“I really enjoy what I do and the reason I do is because I have a great group of employees,” Mrsny said. “I enjoy what I do because of the people in my office and it makes me work harder too. Safety and security is always evolving since I was a student here to working here.

There is now door access on campus where students and staff members need to carry identification to enter buildings. There are also quite a few notification systems that are in place through Rave mobile, a fire panel system for announcements as needed, and they have social media platforms.

“We are always looking to improve upon safety and security on campus,” Mrsny said. “There are a number of AED’s in all the facilities on campus and the Campus Security department is looking to expand on those. They want to add tourniquets and bleeding kits to all of those AED boxes as well as some simple first aid kits for the campus community.”

Mrsny has led many presentations on safety and security around campus, in classrooms and dormitory halls. The presentations focus on drugs, alcohol and sexual assault safety and awareness.

“We try to stay involved as much as we can and be proactive as much as possible; it’s really about helping,” Mrsny said. “We always encourage the campus community that if there are any questions about safety and security, come talk to us. That’s what we want to do and that’s what we’re out here for.”