Senior vocal recital

Elijah Herrington, Staff Writer

Seniors Vanessa VonSeggern and Alexandra Liner represented the WSC music department Sunday in their culminating senior vocal recital, performed in front of friends and family.

“We’ve been preparing since our freshman year,” Liner said. “All of the lessons that we take lead up to it. Some of the songs that I sang were from my sophomore year.”

Each student performed a total of thirty minutes of vocal music from different time periods and all over the world.

“I sang a medieval chant which is different, it’s really old,” Liner said. “I sang in five languages; Latin, Italian, English, French and German.”

Liner is a Soprano and VonSeggern is a Mezzo-Soprano who sang a wide variety of ten different songs in her performance.

“I sang a set in Italian, both from operas,” VonSeggern said. “Then I sang a set in German. Then I sang an Americana set, which is in English.”

Both vocalists said they experienced a tremendous amount of anxiety leading up to the performance but were very happy with how they performed.

“I was nervous but the performance went so good. I was happy with how we performed,” VonSeggern said.

The recital was the pinnacle of both student’s performance careers while in their studies at Wayne State.

“It’s like your whole college career you’re preparing and it’s your one chance to pass and show what you’ve done, and that’s it and then you’re done,” Liner said.

VonSeggern said the feeling of being done is amazing but it left her sad since it was her last big performance.

“Honestly, I am kind of sad. I am glad that it is over because I am not stressed anymore, but that was my last thing,” VonSeggern said.

Although sad, both singers felt they did not come away from the experience empty-handed.

“My big take away is that I actually appreciate classical music more,” VonSeggern said. “Before I started, I really only appreciated country music. Now, I have a better appreciation of music and music history.”

Liner said she felt like her appreciation and skill for performance changed from the experience.

“I just think I am probably going to enjoy the rest of my performances a little more. Performances always feel stressful but after this one, they are all going to feel easy,” Liner said.

The senior recital allowed both VonSeggern and Liner to explore and appreciate a variety of different music genres. Even though they both gave the last performance of their college careers, they got to explore new interests.

Tim Bartz

Tim Bartz
Tim Bartz