Assumptions lead to bad comparisons

Kaitlynn Breeden, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Despite the number of tweets I’ve seen about “Game of Thrones,” I’ve never actually watched it. All I know about “Game of Thrones” is that there’s dragons, mild nudity, and slight spoilers I’ve seen on Twitter.

I’m sure I seem incompetent for not watching the show, so I figured I might as well make myself look like a bigger idiot by guessing the plot and how the show ended. I’ve made an awful hypothesis to try and figure it out.

I know there’s lords or gods and then there’s one ultimate leader of them all. I think the lord either died or was over his minions and left. The rest of the lords or gods then have to fight to become the new leader.

The best comparision I can think of is “The Bachelor.” They’re all competing and have their own agendas. Both shows have contestants competing for a prize. Granted one is about a fake marriage and the other is a fictional battle to the death. But then again “The Bachelor” operates similarly.

The only characters I know in “Game of Thrones” are Daenerys, dragon lady, Masie Williams who plays the girl everyone likes to hype up on Twitter, and the Night King. Daenerys is played by Sophie Jonas, and I’m assuming that she’s one of the ballers in the show.

It’s obvious that the Night King probably has an advantage to become the new ultimate leader. But I think dragon lady could also win because hello, she is the dragon lady. Sophie Jonas better be sicking those dragons on everyone who didn’t watch the Jonas Brothers on SNL.

But I know that Masie kills the Night King. I am 60% sure that I learned about that death on Twitter. I could be wrong, but I think that I’m right. So, if Masie slaughtered the Night King, did she become the Night Queen?

However, because everyone on Twitter likes her, then maybe they killed Masie off to throw out a wild card. My final guess is that Daenerys killed off Masie and then became the new ruler.

I remember my mom yelling about peasants stealing Daenery’s dragons. So she slaughters Masie, gets the crown and then steals back her dragons. If anyone is going to win, it better have been Sophie Jonas’ character because she already won in real life the day she married Joe Jonas.

But also, I know the Night King has a bunch of zombie minions that make up his little army. So if he died then what’s stopping his minions from bringing him back from the dead?

I want to believe that the Night King was revived via witchcraft spell being brought back, he then hopefully fought Daenerys in the courtyard. The fight was supervised by the rest of the contestants.

I want to compare this fight setting to “The Bachelor” when one of the girls gets cut from the show.