It looked like fun ’til midterms

Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

College sounded easy back when older siblings were in it. They were busy complaining and you thought they were just being overdramatic. Now, we’re the overwhelmed younger siblings attending college. Tests, papers, social events, can we just take a break? Luckily, it’s almost midterm break.

A break that one feels is like one second and head first dive back into school the next. I wonder how many teachers are ready to assign homework over the “break.” Weekends don’t count as midterm break. Has anybody told the school faculty in charge of the academic calendar of this? Midterm break really needs to be a couple more days. On second thought, never mind, I bet half of the students work during mid term break, no break for us anyways.

For those students that don’t have any plans of working, lucky you. Breathe in all that nice fall weather, go out with family and relax. We (anyone who works) envy you, but you deserve it. It’s been a long half a semester, very stressful especially now right before break. Teachers coming up with a million assignments to do at the same time. They probably meet up, drink coffee and talk about how successful their weeks went not knowing that their students are stressed out and possibly going bald.

According to about 33 percent of college students drop out. How many of us have had thoughts of dropping out? College is tough, but if we’re already at mid semester we can finish it off.

For students who will have an open midterm break, I advise you to check on any local activities to keep boredom at bay. Low-budget activities for people wanting to stay at home recommendations are: Netflix, read a book or play video games. Outdoor recommendations on a low-budget are: hiking, go to real estate open houses (I heard they have food) or go to the bar and hope someone invites you to have a beer (21+ only). Anything can happen during midterm break, so have fun and stay safe.