Customers should also be kind

Kadra Sommersted-Simmons, Staff Writer

After more than four years of working in customer service, I will never understand why people come in a couple minutes before closing and leave more than a quarter after.

We are always told to be courteous to our customers, but shouldn’t that go both ways? Shouldn’t the customer also be courteous?

I believe that customers should either get the same treatment they are giving, or they should just be kind.

They always say that the “customer is always right,” but honestly that isn’t always true. Just because a customer would like something to be on sale, doens’t mean they are right in yelling at the employee for not getting the ‘saaame’ sale the last person got.

It seems to be a common thing for people to want the same treatment the person before them in line got. It doesn’t always work like that because they could have gotten a completely different item.

There could also be the problem of lack of communication between the manager and the other people working. Just because ideas get lost in communication doesn’t make it okay for customers to yell at the person helping them.

After working in customer service for as long as I have, as well as babysitting, I know that common courtesy is the key to getting the assistance you need.

So moral of my rant, is it doesn’t matter which end of the register you are on, you should be respectful.

Just like mom always says, “treat people how you want to be treated.”