Hypnotist brings laughter, relaxation

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Elijah Herrington, Staff Writer

Homecoming weekend featured Lizzy the Hypnotist last Friday night, an event hosted by Student Activities Board.

Lizzy is an entertainer and hypnotist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She performs at schools and events across the country. She said she loves making people laugh and allowing them to enjoy a unique and relaxing experience on stage. She comes from a long line of family entertainers and acquired many of her skills growing up.

The event was located at the Ramsey Theater. The turn-out for the event filled the theater and in attendance was the homecoming court. Many members of the court participated in the event and had many positive comments from their experience.

“The hypnosis show was pretty interesting,” Miguel Galvan, a student on homecoming court, said. “It was fun, and it was something different.”

“I had a blast,” Micah Schut, a member on the homecoming court, said. “I don’t remember very much. I remember feeling chill then waking up and being told I did a bunch of stuff.”

At the beginning of the performance Lizzy said she wanted to end the misconception that hypnotism is exhausting. She boasted that participating on stage is equal to eight hours of sleep.

Many of the testimonies from participants reinforced Lizzy’s claims of a relaxing experience. “I felt like really chill,” Schut said. “Just like I could go and veg out for awhile.”

There was a tremendous amount of laughter from the audience throughout the evening. At one point in the show, Lizzy manipulated the participants’ sense of smell.

“I remember I smelled something like Tide, like freshly washed clothes,” Galvan said. “That was pretty dope.”

Gavlan then recounted a memory of an awful smell from his experience. “I remember I had to breathe through my mouth, like my eyes were stinging, because of something that was pretty, I don’t know, indescribable. I had to constantly mouth-breathe if you know what I am talking about.”

Participants said they would recommend participation in an event like this and that they would like to see more events like this on campus.

“It can be fun for the people up there that try it and it can be a great feeling for them, and entertaining for the audience too,” Schut said.

However, beware that you might encounter some questionable sensations. “I had a weird sensation I wanted to take off my shirt at some point,” Galvan said. “I’m not sure why, but it was in the back of my head like I should take off my shirt for some reason and I was like wait, this isn’t socially acceptable, I probably shouldn’t take off my shirt.”

Lizzy the Hypnotist gives students instructions as a part of her performance.
Lizzy the Hypnotist explains what she is about to instruct students next.
Lizzy the Hypnotist laughs as students react to her act on stage.